In the past thirty years, there have been significant advances in the fight against gender-based violence. Internationally and regionally we have seen the establishment of legal tools that have yielded fruitful results. Despite that, the legal system is way too often failing to take women’s experiences and accounts seriously.

At the international level, a number of instruments to address gender-based violence have been put into place. The 1993 UN Declaration on the Elimination of violence against women is considered one of the turning points, as it explicitly defined and addressed gender-based violence and triggered a mobilisation in various countries. Following…

Robert Rauschenberg, “Autobiography (Broadside)”, (1968)

The past year has been a year rich with extraordinary events that have forced us to adjust our life to completely new scenarios. We had to give up our freedom of movement, rethink our social relations, and develop a different awareness and perception of our surroundings. We have been exposed to the risk of loss and death and were also confronted with the uncertainty carried with a pandemic. With such a drastic interruption of our natural flow of life, new observations were made possible– observations that point to a clear imbalance.

The works of Johan Huizinga (1872–1945), a Dutch historian…

Neoliberalism’ is a catch-all term that refers to the promotion of free-market capitalism, the supremacy of market value, and privatization. Its opponents say it results in the exploitation of labour and widening income inequality, among other things. However, a simple and clear-cut definition of neoliberalism does not exist since there is still much disagreement about its meaning. In A Brief History of Neoliberalism (2005), the Marxist thinker David Harvey defines neoliberalism as “a theory of political economic practices that proposes that human well-being can best be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework characterized by…

Foucault claims that biopolitics (a form of macro-politics that aims at disciplining the population through the use of demographics, medicine, and the normative regulation of sexuality), is the disciplinary form of capitalism and is essential to its functioning as it disciplines the body in its form of production. But as new technological developments have emerged does this concept still help us to unmask current forms of domination?

Foucault’s Biopolitics

Following Michel Foucault’s use of the term biopolitics in his analysis of power and society, the concept has been widely used to analyse and theorise liberalism and power dynamics in capitalist societies. In…

Maru Lombardo, Unsplash, Self Portrait

Sex work remains one of the most contested issues in the feminist debate. The discourse, however, has become increasingly polarised into two entrenched camps — the abolitionists and the sex work’s advocates. This binarism does not allow us to look at the phenomena of sex work in its entirety often leading to dangerous generalisations.

Abolitionist views of sex work

Abolitionist’s arguments can be distinguished between those that consider sex work a choice dictated by socio-economic factors, such as extreme poverty and lack of opportunity; those that emphasise the negative effects of sex work on sex workers, and those that highlight that sex work promotes sexual…

Why forms of feminism that advocate for a return to ‘femininity’ are becoming increasingly appealing, and why should we be wary of them? The danger of lipstick feminism does not lie in its approach to make-up, but in its complicity with neoliberalism and consumer culture.

Lipstick feminism is a third wave feminist movement that supports the idea of accepting and embracing femininity to help women’s empowerment. Quite literally, lipstick feminists believe that wearing makeup and sexy clothes does not make you less of a feminist, on the contrary, it means taking control of society’s beauty standards and reclaiming what belongs…

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Providing philosophical insights on the decadence of Western culture.

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